Journey there and back between life and death of an old man by the name of James O'Sol. He's not yet ready to go, but death has a strong grip on his soul. Collect back his soul to return to the living world.

- Fullscreen highly recommended.

- Mouse controls (left/right click) throughout  - make sure to click  a lot in the first level.

- Keyboard keys specified in game



Press Start 2P - CodeMan38

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Story Rich


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I'm not sure what happend here
I think it might be because of iam using windows 7 32 bit with a itel R graphic card but the review seems good 

I cant get past the second spawner dude the stairs just lead to a blank wall

yea, it’s not clearly hinted at, but you have to wall jump (aka press space as you hit the wall). 

Really fun but in the final level I had a glitch were I would keep going left but I fixed it by jumping and pressing D a lot could have just been something with my computer

It won't load but I've heard it's a good game


What are you playing on? It may take a while to load because of the soundtrack. 

Is it just a blank screen? Just wondering so I can debug and help you play.

I'm playing on a chromebook. And yes it's just a blank screen.


Hmm I've had no complaints with it not working on other devices before. Maybe it may take a little while to load. No worries though I think I'll be making a final updated version of the game soon anyway.


Okay, thank you!

It worked fine on my chromebook

Mine's just older so that's probably the problem.

yeah probably

idk why but i cant enter the loading bar finishes then it just black i need help! :/

what platform are you playing on? That may help me find the problem.


Here is the main musical theme if you are interested. 

Overall, awesome! Love the story, it looks great the audio is nice. Love it!